1. Can the machines be tested before purchase?
Typically, machines are connected to electricity and are ready for testing. Sometimes, however, some machines require e.g. flooding with oil or other preparatory activities. Large machines can also be disassembled into parts ready for transport. Therefore, it is best to make sure before your arrival that the specific machine is connected and running.

2. Will I receive a VAT invoice?
Yes, we issue VAT invoices for all machines sold.

3. Who will load the purchased machine onto the truck?
The machinery exposes the machines from the hall and provides loading on the provided car.

4. Who is transporting the machine to me?
The transport is organized by the buyer, but Maszyneria can help in this respect by indicating the appropriate transport company.

5. How to choose a truck to transport the machine?
The type of truck should be consulted with the employees of the Machine before ordering transport. We will indicate which truck should be ordered to enable the correct loading and transport of a specific machine. For example, some machines require low-bed transport, while others require a standard semi-trailer. Some machines are loaded with a crane from the top, others with a forklift from the side of the trailer. The car must be selected in such a way that it allows for proper loading, has the appropriate load capacity and space for the machine. Please note that some machines require trucks with a greater load capacity than the weight of the machine alone. Such a group consists of machines with a high center of gravity, eg eccentric presses.

6. Is there a warranty on the machines?
Machines are available for testing and can be carefully checked before purchase. Note, however, that these are used machines, we do not grant any guarantee and we exclude the warranty.